An organisation is, above all, the people who build it. Therefore, it is vital for us to choose the right people.

The managing staff at Noble Cert ensures the proper functioning of the Noble Cert certification body by supervising the compliance with the procedures valid in the organisation, as well as by ongoing verification of the activities and documents. The head of the body is authorised and responsible for cooperation with the client in the field of certification and decides whether or not to grant the certificate.


The Noble Cert management declares that the certification of management systems is conducted in an impartial and objective manner. The impartiality of any action taken by Noble Cert is safeguarded by the Independent Committee for the Protection of Impartiality.


We employ an effective and experienced team of auditors and technical experts from Poland and abroad with over 20 years of experience, who have developed their knowledge, preparation, competences and interpersonal skills not only through education and professional experience, but also through comprehensive assessment audits of management systems for the largest public and private companies and institutions of a variety of sectors.


Our auditors are systematically evaluated. They are monitored by evaluators, who assess their work periodically, also during audits. The assessment covers the application of appropriate audit techniques or the proper conduct and competence.


They also form our team of high-class coaches, having extensive practical knowledge supported by rich experience ensuring the quality of the training provided.


The remaining personnel are employees who plan audits, manage audit schedules, provide ongoing customer service, organize training or update offers that meet customer needs. The team is selected not only in terms of the right competences but also potential. Such persons are subject to constant evaluation in order to verify their actions.



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