Quality Policy


We are an independent management system certification body for which the measure of QUALITY is the degree of public trust and reliability that the certification we carry out is the result of an impartial and competent assessment.


In order to ensure that management system certification is carried out professionally, consistently and impartially at all times, we maintain a documented management system that complies with the requirements of the standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015.


This system is the applicable method of conduct for personnel involved in management, audit and certification.


The effectiveness of the system is monitored by means of internal audits and management reviews and undergoes a process of continuous improvement.


In our daily work we are guided by the principles of equal treatment of clients and ensuring that our certification processes are available to them regardless of the size of the client's organisation and by principles that build trust among the parties involved.


Our advantages are:


  • impartiality in certification activities in accordance with a publicly available declaration;


  • conducting certification processes by competent personnel who are constantly improving their knowledge and skills;


  • decisions are based on objective evidence;


  • public access to information on management system certification rules;


  • disclosing information on the certification status of each client;


  • maintaining the confidentiality of any information which is the property of the client;


  • impartial analysis and resolution of complaints in such a way as to restore the trust of the client.


This policy was presented by the management and is understood and implemented by the employees and persons cooperating with us and reviewed for its usefulness. The management provides adequate financial and technical resources to carry out the activities.




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