Certification process


We present a short description of certification, so as to bring you closer to a process which not only ends with a written confirmation (certificate) that a given product, process or service meets certain requirements, but most importantly, which will result in beneficial changes in your organisation.


A client who wishes to improve his services by submitting himself to the certification process is invited to apply to the Noble Cert Certification Body which enables constant and professional improvement of the management system by conducting an objective assessment.


The duration of the audit is calculated on the basis of the necessary data provided by the client, including:


  • The scope of certification.
  • Number of certified permanent staff.
  • Number of temporary staff.
  • Number of organisation locations.


A cost estimate is prepared by an employee of the Noble Cert office on the basis of the received data.


The cost of certification is determined on the basis of mandatory documents IAF (International Accreditation Forum, Inc.) –it applies to such standard as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485.



Upon acceptance of the terms and conditions of cooperation (Offer, General Terms and Conditions, Guidelines for the use of Noble Cert marks), the Client is contacted by the auditor appropriate for the industry. The auditor develops an audit programme which is ultimately accepted by both parties.





The certification process itself depends on which system the client wishes to certify.


For Management Systems or Product (GMP) certification, the certification is divided into three-year cycles. Each audit is held at annual intervals (as a rule, it should not take longer than twelve months).


The certificate is issued for one year for the KZR INiG system certification and for three years for the V-Bioss certification system.

After the audit, the team of auditors will present the results of the inspection, which include an assessment of all processes and indicate the areas in which potential non-compliance with the requirements of the standard occurred. The key component of the report is a positive or negative decision on a recommendation to issue / maintain the certificate.


The final decision to issue/maintain the certificate is made by the Manager of the Noble Cert Certification Body.




A natural process is the recertification carried out before the expiry of the certificate on request of the client, submitted at least 2 months before the expiry of the certificate.



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